Trizonia is connected to the northern shores of the Gulf of Corinth through a small water taxi boat which frequently casts off from the mainland town of Chania. The romantic transit takes around 5 minutes and there is a spacious and toll free parking lot next to the taxi boat landing stage.

By car, the journey here takes around 2 hours via the recently finished national highway from Athens and a good 30 minutes from Patras.

Alternatively, there are also several bus connections available to chose from and there is a train connecting Athens Airport with the coastal Peloponnesian town of Kiato. Note that the railway network is currently under development and expected to be completed until Patras in 2017. In the meantime, there is a bus connecting Kiato with Patras and also the possibility to organize personal transportation for the onward journey to Trizonia (see here and here).

Visitors from outside of Greece usually chose either the airplane or ferry boat as a means of travelling.

Travelling by airplane

Most airline carriers fly to Athens Airport. Yet, another option is flying to Araxos Airport near Patras, which is primarily serviced by low-cost airlines. The contingent offered varies each year, but in the past TuiFly, Ryanair, Monarch Air, or Air Nikki were amongst the carriers connecting Araxos with many European capitals.

Travelling by ferry boat

Travellers also frequently choose the ferry boat as a preferred way of getting to Greece. Anek Lines, Minoan Lines, and Superfast Ferries are amongst the most frequented carriers connecting Patras with Italy’s major ports. This means of travel offers an exciting and comfortable alternative to the travel by airplane.

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